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The Net!Works ETP is closed and the new platform NetWorld2020 has been set up

On 29 October 2013 the new ETP NetWorld2020 has been founded by the former Net!Works and ISI ETPs. This website will not be maintained any more.

Please visit the NetWorld2020 website:

Funding Support

H2020 - Research and Innovation

21 February 2014, Bristol, UK

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Call for Candidature to become additional member in the 5G-PPP Association

The Governance Model of the new communications-oriented ETP which was launched by Net!Works and ISI on 29 October 2013 defines the details on adding six additional Full Members to the 5G PPP Association.

Download the Call for candidature Association here.

Download the Candidature declaration Form here

New ETP founded by Net!Works and ISI

On 29 October 2013 a new ETP founded by the former Net!Works and ISI ETPs has been launched at the launch event in Brussels and attended by 160 participants. The name and brand of the new ETP is yet to be defined. In the morning of the day, directly before the launch event, the last GAs of Net!Works and ISI took place, after which both ETPs were closed down. As the new ETP does not have a web presence yet, information regarding the new ETP is temporarily provided on the Net!Works web.  The membership of all Net!Works and ISI members has been transferred and they became automatically member of the new ETP.

The slides of all presentations are available for download.

At the launch event also the 30 members of the Steering Board of the New ETP for the period 2014-15 have successfully been elected.

List of members of the New-ETP for download

Summary presentation of the New-ETP for download

Events with involvement or relevance to the 5G-PPP

Net!Works recognized as ETP by EU Commission

In the context of the upcoming “Strategy for European Technology Platforms: ETP 2020” the EU Commission has initiated in 2012 a process to review ETPs according to revised criteria for recognition. Following the application submitted by Net!Works, the EU Commission has informed us on 12 July 2013 that Net!Works has been considered to fulfill the revised criteria for recognition and will therefore be included in the list of recognised ETPs.

Read more:
Letter from DG Connect  (document access for members only) 
Commission staff working document: Strategy for European Technology Platforms: ETP 2020 (document access for members only)

Live Video Blog from FuNeMS 3-5 July 2013

During the 3 days of the Future Network Mobile Summit conference in Lisbon, Portugal, we were posting a video blog of short interviews and impressions of the event. All videos are here...>

Public consultation of Horizon 2020 PPP proposal on “Horizon 2020 Advanced 5G Network Infrastructure for Future Internet PPP”

The Vice-President of the EU Commission Ms. Neelie Kroes invited industry at the Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona on 26 February 2013 to join a new Public Private Partnership (PPP) on

“Horizon 2020 Advanced 5G Network Infrastructure for Future Internet PPP”

A group of industry companies has prepared a draft PPP proposal following a template provided by the EU Commission. It addresses

  • the overall long-term vision of the PPP,
  • the strategic and specific objectives of the PPP and
  • the research and innovation strategy, in particular the scope of R&D and innovation challenges.

Public Consultation

An important part of the overall evaluation process of PPP proposals is a public consultation with a wider community on the intended technical content of the proposal. As this PPP should have its roots in the Net!Works ETP the consultation is done with the Net!Works community.
This consultation has closed on 27 May 2013. The processing of comments has been organised by the Chairman of the Net!Works expert Group, Prof Rahim Tafazolli, University of Surrey. Based on the comments a revised version of the proposal has been prepared and was submitted to Neelie Kroes on 20 June 2013.

Werner Mohr, Chairman of the Net!Works SB

ExecutivesExpert Group

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Who's who in the Steering Board 2012-2013

Dr. Werner Mohr, Nokia Siemens Networks, Chairman
> zoom
Dr. Rainer Fechner
Alcatel-Lucent Deutschland AG
Vice-chair (2/25)
Mr. Luis Manuel Calvo
Vice-chair (3/25)
Dr. Terje Tjelta
Telenor ASA
Vice-chair (4/25)
Dr. Jörg-Peter Elbers
ADVA AG (5/25)
Mr. Josep Martrat
ATOS (6/25)
Mr. Hans Joachim Einsiedler
Deutsche Telekom (Laboratories) (7/25)
Prof. Hendrik Berndt
DOCOMO Communication Laboratories Europe (8/25)
Mr. Stefano De Panfilis
Engineering ingegneria informatica s.p.a. (9/25)
Mr. Magnus Madfors
Ericsson AB (10/25)
Dr. Artur Krukowski
Intracom S.A. Telecom Solutions (11/25)
Dr. Heinrich Stüttgen
NEC Europe Ltd. (12/25)
Mr. Denis Rousset
ST-Ericsson (13/25)
Mr. Raffaele De Peppe
Telecom Italia (14/25)
Mr. Diego R. López
Telefonica (15/25)
Mr. Cedric Demeure
Thales Communications (16/25)
Dr. Carles Antón-Haro
CTTC (17/25)
Prof. Luis M. Correia
IST - Tecnical University of Lisbon (18/25)
Mr. Daniel Saez
ITI - Instituto Tecnologico de Informatica (19/25)
Mr. Mikel Sanchez
Tecnalia Research & Innovation (20/25)
Mr. Miguel Ponce de Leon
WIT-TSSG (21/25)
Mr. Yoram Bar-Zeev
Beacon Tech Ltd. (22/25)
Mr. Jacques Magen
InterInnov (23/25)
Ms. Yudani Riobo-Gestido
QUOBIS (24/25)
Mr. Roger Torrenti
Sigma Orionis (25/25)

The "5G PPP" Initiative

The 5G Public-Private Partnership, in short 5G PPP, will deliver solutions, architectures, technologies and standards for the ubiquitous next generation communication infrastructures of the coming decade. Read more ...>

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